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Adobe XD On Track Dominating It’s Market Segment By 2020

A few years ago, designers had only Adobe Photoshop, which was actually lacking with many tasks. Earlier, creating a web or mobile applications with the tons of screen, changing the color of a button, etc was just a nightmare. Obviously, it was tedious, yet there were no better tools. Sketch popped up during 2010, which was a betterment, adding benefits…

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Trends In Software Development, Web Application Development

Next Big Whirl Around Databases For Big Data

NoSQL is a new breed of Database Management that is designed to accommodate the wide varieties of data models. The four major NoSQL models include the Key-value, Graph database, Document-oriented, and Wide Columnar that distinguishes from those of Relational Databases. The term NoSQL relates to “Not Only an SQL” but a traditional relational database where the data can be placed in tables and data…

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Perks In Migrating To AWS

Why everyone flocks to AWS?   AWS cloud services provide 100+ services – everything from computing, storage, database, migration, application integration, networking, data analytics to the Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) – at your fingertips. Which states that you can go from idea to implementation in seconds rather than months, what else is required? Today, there are lots of companies with…

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