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E-Commerce businesses have become vivid today according to the emerging trends of shopping websites. People are awakening and they stick towards only through online shopping. To the max, 90% of the people prefer only online shopping hence increasing the productivity of any businesses. Among the 90%, people choose e-shopping for the following reasons;

  1.  E-Shopping has become the trendiest one and it creates face-value for the users.
  2. In the busiest lifestyle, E-shopping is the only flexible one.
  3. E-Shopping provides special offers than the front-store.
  4. Transactions through several payment gateways are more flexible and allow huge discounts.
  5. Everything is avail through online from the costumes, cosmetics to the provision and foodstyle everything made easy at the doorstep.
  6. Technologies have improved, so people are willing to learn and stick towards the grooming technologies.
  7. Rather than experiencing the functionality of the e-commerce applications, they are keen in accepting the trendiest and easiest one.


Likewise, there are several reasons that oscillate in every individual’s mind. Now, do the users know what happens when eCommerce websites are integrated with the ERP? How do they get benefit throughout? Let’s peep into this article for an interesting conclusion.

Most of the business owners use eCommerce platform and an ERP system separately. Just imagine, receiving an e-commerce data or information directly from the ERP system without any human involvement!

How does this sound?

Of course, it provides N-number of benefits. Among the numerous benefits, let’s take a glance over the few ones;

ERP integrated with eCommerce


Reduces Manual Effort

The real-time data available in the ERP system, allows the users to access directly. Users can view the inventory details such as in-stock and out-stock, a status of the order, shipment tracking, etc. Thu,s increasing the self-service functionalities.

Helps Managing Inventories

Inventory details beep into the owner’s knowledge through the notification via; an alert stating the number of inventories, out-of-stock, the total stock sold out, fast moving inventories, etc. So through ERP integration, it’s easy for the business owners to manage the inventories effectively and efficiently.

Minimize Inventory Cost

The information about the sales will be auto-generated into the ERP system and ERP inventory items will also get updated based on the web transactions. So, according to the up to date sales information and inventory, an ERP user can plan for the further purchase thus reducing the inventory cost.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Business Goals

Accessing the modern features and functionalities integrated into the ERP system, make customers 100% satisfied with using the eCommerce websites and mobile apps. Thus providing the business owners a better control over their businesses and gain an advantage compared to their competitors.

Increases Internal Productivity

Since the integrated system streamlines multiple business processes, it reduces 100% human effort, thus ERP users can instantly track the order from the back-end and start the further processing, increasing the internal productivity.

Neglects Data Redundancy, Errors, & Human Involvement

With the integration of ERP into eCommerce, system generated processes are done internally thus ignoring the human effort through manual entry, reducing the repetitive data and errors over the two platforms.

Generates Accurate Financial Reports in ERP

Although eCommerce applications are capable of generating the sales report, integration of ERP system allows producing the Trial Balance, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, P/L Statement and everything that is required for the drastic growth of any businesses. Thus, generating the transparency information on finance across the entire enterprise.


Concluding, as eCommerce application is the king among numerous applications, integrating with the queen of the system ERP, the travel journey is seamless for any businesses.

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