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Agile – Is It Right For Your Organization?

Buzzwords like “Seamless Interaction”, “Continuous Improvement”, “Quality Product”, “Digital Experience” are the offspring of the push to everything.


In today’s business environment, customer experience strategy is rarely a one-time, refers to said-and-served investment. Enterprises are leveraging customer insights and quick implementation of methodologies to delight customer experience and satisfy the exact business needs.


Importance of AGILE

Agile is the most reputed and mandatory methodology required for quality software delivery. From the startups to the standard corporate, every organization is keen in implementing Agile for fast-growing.  Let’s find out the difference in their Agility in this post.

Let’s peep into this blog that makes you recognize the motives of AGILE and improve your customer experience.


1. Agile For Startups

Not all organization need to become genuinely Agile. The first question that every startup should answer is;

Is your organization a Sales-Driven, Product-Driven, or a Tech-Driven?

The answer to the above query provides a clear picture in choosing AGILITY.

And again, methodologies are not chosen by any startup, as the organization starts growing, it gets adapted to the new methodologies and frameworks as the sign for improvement.


2. Comparison of Agility with Startups and MNCs

Let’s first start by questioning yourself;

If you raise a question to the co-founders and managers of the startups, why is the agile organization required?

The frequent and typical answer bursts out from them are;

  1. To become more efficient in project delivery
  2. To deliver quickly
  3. To deliver with quality
  4. To improve the predictability of software deliverables.

Again, raise the same query to the MNCs what would be their answer?

  1. To outperform competitors by creating a learning environment
  2. To create prominent culture by providing room self-sufficiency, mastery and thus attracting talented people
  3. Mastering continuous product discovery and quality delivery
  4. Minimizing risk and improving ROI for organizations.

Compare both the lists, you will immediately recognize the scope, motives and the real Agile mindset to improve an actual Agile Organization.


3. Getting Into Realistic Mindset

If your organization needs to enter into the Agile world, then, manifestly, transforming into the Agile world is a tedious and lengthy journey. However, if the competition is ferocious, the technologies are advancing rapidly, and the investments are huge, then there is no way rather than enhancing the learning organization. Only thing is that you have to fit into this mindset, which represents the following steps.

Agile Mindset

Concluding, Agile mindset is a venturous journey. Adapting to this huge world leads to a tedious business growth and improves your organization efficiency.


The only thing is that you may very likely plateau and be honest within yourself: Is that worth and effort for your organization?


I hope the blog clearly makes you recognize, whether your organization needs AGILITY.

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