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Speed Up With The Cross Platform Development – XAMARIN


The smartphones using smart applications! When we say XAMARIN, it seems to be a mono framework that binds with several and multiple functionalities running inside a single coding using C#.

Cross platform mobile applications development by Knila 

There are several frameworks which offer cross-platform development using Javascript and HTML. For the mobile apps, these frameworks use JS libraries to create a website, where it does not have a presence of native app. This reason causes disadvantages of several frameworks,


  • Cannot access the native UI elements
  • App runs slowly


Compared to the other frameworks, we can say Xamarin as the king of cross-platform development and the smartphones like iOS & Android are the queen off using this framework. We can integrate mobile apps using Xamarin which will look and feel ultimately native.


Experience with Visual Studio 2015


It is possible to build iOS apps and Android apps along with the windows apps in Visual Studio 2015, codes also can be shared quickly and easily. Using Xamarin you could create an incredible user interface design for the smartphones.

Why Xamarin is the best among cross platform development tool 

Pros & Cons of Xamarin


Xamarin is a great tool to cut down expenses, let’s look below to know the advantages of Xamarin,

  • Xamarin is a powerful cross-platform framework for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Xamarin has several built-in features.
  • Builds up an attractive & user-friendly app.
  • Developed using the modern and latest programming language C# and runs on the Dot Net Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).
  • Xamarin is rewarded as “Written Once, Runs anywhere” tool.
  • Reduces time and cost of app development
  • Xamarin ensures perfect integration, testing through thousands of devices for QA and functionality testing.
  • Provided with huge collection of class libraries
  • Xamarin has the ability of strong and robust compilation
  • Reduces cost, time and the manpower


Cons about Xamarin


As we have seen several advantages using Xamarin, there are few inbuilt disadvantages. Where there are pros, of course, there might be cons too! This is commonly known to all.


Even though Xamarin saves time and cost for the coding part alone, let’s look forward to minor disadvantages;

  • Xamarin takes time-consuming for installation, stating that usage of memory increases during the installation of Visual Studio 2015.
  • Increases the download time of an Android SDKs
  • User Interface development core is importable, which means that few coding must be done manually for each platform, unfortunately. For instance, Xamarin.Forms Entry becomes a UITextView on iOS, while on Android it is EditText, and on Windows it’s TextBox.


In Concision


While developing an application, you are going to be the first decision maker whether you are going to integrate natively or using cross-platform. If your mobile application is complex and going to be released on a single platform, then native development would be the best choice. And if the application wanted to be delivered on multiple platforms with the essence of time and resources then the suggestion of cross-platform development would be the correct choice.


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