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Mobile App Analytics Compromises The Importance Of Mobile App Development

Today, the usage of smartphones is comparatively higher than the web. People use the mobile apps for their routine tasks such as internet banking, online shopping, exercising, online bill payments and much more. As the usage of mobile apps has increased, the development of mobile applications has also increased in several sectors.

The smartphones are directly proportional to the mobile apps, so the app analytics are now compromising the importance of the mobile app development.


15 important mobile app analytics tool
Mobile App Analytics Tools For Mobile App Developers

As a software concern, as a mobile app developer, you’re engaged in planning and creating the apps with the (Unique features, trendy in the market, statistics of the app sector and so on). Once after you develop the app and publish it on the app market, Don’t you want to know, what’s happening with your app next? Of course, you would like to know about the performance of your app, Don’t you? To determine and grab the strategies of your app performance in real time, several giants have introduced the app analytics, that will fulfill your complete app development.

The app analytics lets you diagnose about your app development in such a way that, you can analyze your user’s engagement, behavior, demographics and so on. It also unveils the strength and weakness of your app, so that you can improve on your lacking areas for the better performance.

The app analytics are classified into several categories some of them are; In-app analytics, Marketing analytics, app store analytics, advertising analytics, AB testing, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss the app analytics tool, some of their categories, pricing and the supporting platforms, which will be useful for the mobile app developers.

1. Google Analytics

2. Apple Analytics

3. Firebase Analytics

4. Flurry Analytics

5. Appsee Analytics

6. Localytics

7. MixPanel Analytics

8. Apsalar

9. Countly

10. Appsflyer

11. App Topia

12. App Annie

13. Taplytics

14. Apptentive

15. Upsight

The above mentioned are the list of app analytics tool that will help you to track the performance of your applications. In general, some of the features are same, but still there are minor differences like some tools are freemium whereas some are premium, their functionalities differ and so on….


Google Analytics

The internet giant Google has introduced this Google Analytics tool. Through this tool, you can analyze and optimize your app according to the user’s engagement and acquisition and customize those reports for your specific needs.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Free version and custom pricing for enterprises

Platforms – Android, iOS, and Other Platforms


Apple App Analytics

Apple introduces this Apple App Analytics. This tools guide you to increase the user downloads and the methods to attract the users. You can track and measure the user’s acquisition, the path of downloads, sources of impression, etc.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Reasonable Premium

Platforms – iOS


Firebase Analytics

The Google analytics tool integrates with the Firebase features to provide you the more value added services. This tool helps you to easily track your user’s behavior, demographics, hosting etc. Learn and setup the Firebase Analytics account.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Freemium

Platforms – Android and iOS


Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is one of the competitors for the Google Analytics. Yahoo has introduced the new Flurry Analytics tool. This is another new portal with new released features and functionalities that help the app developers to track and aggregate the user data.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Freemium

Platforms – Android and iOS


Appsee Analytics

Appsee is one of the analytics tools that helps the app developers to track the user data visually, records the user performance, heatmaps to diagnose how users interact with your app and so on.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Free for limited features

Platforms -Android, iOS, and Cordova


Localytics Analytics

The localytics is another analytics tool to scale and track up to minimum hundreds and thousands of monthly active users. This tool helps to track and measure the granular, funnels and the flow of users as well.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Free and Premium

Platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows


MixPanel Analytics

The MixPanel Analytics is one of the stickiest ways for the app developers to track and measure the actions of the users, unlike the tracking of page views in Google Analytics. Some of the features elaborate effectively to the app developers.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Ranges from free to customized premium

Platforms – Android and iOS


Apsalar Analytics

An Apsalar Analytics helps the app developers to track and measure the data with the plenty of unique features like LTV, user level analysis, cohort analysis, create loyalist and more critical analysis.

Category – Marketing Analytics

Pricing – Ranges from free to premium

Platforms – Android and iOS


Countly Analytics

Countly analytics is accumulated in tracking and measuring the quality of apps for the mobile, web, desktop, gaming, IoT and professional services. It has an advantage from the push notification till the UI responsive, segmentation and more.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Ranges from Community Edition(Free) to Enterprise Edition(Premium)

Platforms – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac OS, Apple Watch, and Flash


AppsFlyer Analytics

AppsFlyer is one of the mobile attribution and marketing analytics platforms that allows the app developers and the marketers to handle the right decision. Some of its features include marketing analytics, mobile attribution and also advanced fraud detection platforms.

Category – Marketing Analytics

Pricing – Starts with the free trial

Platforms – Android, iOS Amazon, Unity, Web and Windows


AppTopia Analytics

AppTopia analytics helps the app developers to track the secret behind their competitor’s app. They can track the details of the user’s download, what are the impressions lacking in the app, ranking by the countries, etc. According to the comparison, the app developers can improve their app for better performance.

Category – Marketing and In-app analytics

Pricing – Ranges according to the business needs

Platforms – iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod, and iPad


App Annie Analytics

App Annie analytics tool guides the app developers to take right decision across the different key stages for their better business performance. It has its own standards for analytics and the data sets.

Category – Marketing Analytics

Pricing – Ranges from free to premium

Platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows



Taplytics helps the developers to test and validate the mobile app’s decision easier and quicker. Some of its features include mobile A/B testing, accesses BigQuery, push notifications, etc.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Free or Enterprise pricing

Platforms – Android and iOS


Apptentive Analytics

Apptentive analytics helps the developers to track their data and provide the key insights in the dashboard. It also helps in tracking the user’s behaviors, retention and interactions.

Category – In-app analytics

Pricing – Freemium to Premium

Platforms – Cordova, Android, and iOS


Upsight Analytics

Upsight analytics tool provides the comprehensive life cycle of the user’s management platform. It guides the developers with the consolidated tool set to track their users, take immediate actions, increases LTV for better business performance.

Category – In-app analytics and Marketing Analytics

Pricing – Reasonable custom plans

Platforms– Android and iOS


Hope this blog would have provided informative solution to the app developers. Go through all the above analytics tool and pick any tool among them that best suits your app solution.

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