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Right Methodology For Successful Software Development

When it comes to the software development, choosing the right methodology proves to be a successful and standalone organization. As the development tactics and strategies are rapidly growing, the methods and frameworks we choose must compromise the contemporary traits. Although there are many frameworks and methodologies for the smart management, most of the software concerns choose the Agile development. Can you suspect why agile has become the right preference?


Why Agile is Now The Masterpiece?

According to the history of agility and due to the growth of software scenario, the leaders sought methods to quickly build the software and deliver it in the hands of the end-users. Agile has couple of important benefits,

  1. The first one is, it has enabled the end users to gain about the benefits of new software faster.
  2. The second one, benefits the software crew to grab the feedback on the software’s scope and direction.

This couple of benefit satisfies the overall process of the software development, so it’s miles now the masterpiece in each software organization.


Agile development in software industry
Why Did KNILA choose AGILE?


As a part of software organization, we as a KNILA team have chosen Agile that has its very own identity among the numerous methodologies. Agile has been a proven model to promote a better planning, on-time delivery, an early response to the changes and continuous improvement for our successful business growth. Although agile is repetitive to manage the design and development, its desire is to offer new services which made us to deliver the projects in a highly flexible manner.


Project Management Frameworks

Agile is the one that prescribes to work collaborative, continuous improvement and moreover flexible, and that does not prescribe any of its framework as specific and special. But few of its most popular frameworks are;

1. Scrum

2. Kanban

3. Lean

4. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

5. Feature Driven Development (FDD)

6. Adaptive Software Development (ASD)

7. Extreme Programming (XP)

Best Frameworks For Project Development
Project Management Frameworks

Why Scrum?

The above noted frameworks do share much of the similar philosophies as well the similar functionalities and characteristics. But from some factor of implementation, each one has its personal manner of practices, tactics and terminologies, which makes every individual organization to choose one among the numerous. So we have chosen Agile Scrum Methodology.

Scrum is one of the lightweight in Agile framework that manages the project effectively. With the Scrum framework, the product or project owner who collaborates with the project team in terms of “Product Backlog” to identify and prioritize the software functionalities, which makes us easy to interact and combine the features into bug fixes and non-functional requirements and so on…… Our scrum meeting is involved by,

  • The Scrum master- is our project manager
  • Scrum team- who are our developer and testing teams
  • Scrum owner is our client with whom we have periodical meetings to keep them updated about the progress of the project


Visualization of Project Workflow Using Kanban Board

We use Kanban process, which helps our team to work effortless and effectively. Our Kanban board is used in such a way to

  1. Visualize the today’s work and its progress
  2. Shows the effectiveness of time driven and event driven approach
  3. Enhances the chronic workflow
  4. Improves our team collaboration
  5. It ties up with the individual tasks

Our team structures the Kanban Board with the Spreadsheets and the White Board to track their works effectively. Below is one of the sample Kanban Board to manage our tasks of the School Bus Locator Web and Mobile application.

This method of our Kanban Board representation gives us good dose of inspiration for building and improving our work with effectiveness.


Sprint Planning, is key to success

According to the prioritization of the project owner, we work with our teams in order to gather the inputs, requirements and functionalities that are planned safely and accurately to start with the implementation. This is one of the first rule in Sprint Planning. Once we are clear with our requirements, only then we step into the process of implementation. The first prioritized requirements are gathered in our first “Sprint”, which typically lasts for 3 weeks. Once our Sprint’s product backlog is committed, we flow ahead with that and deliver it on time. Then the following units of functionalities are decided for our second Sprint and the process goes on concurrently with none confusion and bugs. Finally we integrate all the sprints and produce a quality deliverable.


This manner of our approach and production is leading us within the tech-industry through gaining more hand-in-hand projects so it’s our pleasure running the Agile methodology.

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