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Artificial Intelligence Not A Myth – Fact Beyond That

The technology that is in the stage of infancy and is moving at the breakneck speed – Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been the realm of science fiction for a few decades and you might be surprised towards its migration with several applications in the use today. It is not a FAD (a tech terminology, that is spoken for a few days)- but its influence will rapidly grow henceforth. Let’s peep and dive into this post to know the facts and figures of our present and future AI.


Fact Behind Artificially Intelligent System

Many of us believe that the concept behind the AI is that, the system functions automatically with the help of the predefined algorithm, which is not true. In other words, any piece of software that respond based on the predefined algorithm or to the user behavior isn’t necessarily an AI system. A true or the fact behind the Artificially Intelligent system is one that can learn and improve on its own due to its own practices from its mistakes and successes in reducing the total manpower.

A real AI system can amend on its own through its previous iterations, creates more awareness to get smarter, and allows it to enhance its capabilities and its knowledge. For instance, let’s have a talk about the self-driving cars by Google, which can make its own move and reach the destination without relying on the predefined behavioral algorithms. I.e., the system can improve on its own through its lacking features, and learn on its own through its own practices. We can compeer the Artificial Intelligence with one of the main proverbs,

“Practice makes a man perfect – Practicing and Learning on its own improves an AI system better by reducing the total manpower”

With the revealing technologies like Haskell and the frameworks like Tensor Flow from Google and other multiple tech giant industries like Facebook, Tesla, Apple, etc. have initiated to rollout with groundbreaking updates like machine-learning technology. But, many of us are still uncertain about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) being in use today by the large industries and as well the small scale, how will this technology affect our future lives? And through the blossoming of the AI, what are the factors that ooze into our day-to-day life? and how will it change our futuristic life? Let’s grok into these queries one by one to derive the exact solution.


Reason For The Drastic Growth of AI

First of all, what is the reason for the continual growth of AI? Ever since its invention, Artificial Intelligence has been involved in several domains, where, some industries have initiated, some are under R&D and some are in use today which are affecting every minute of our lives. Now, what is the continual rising factor behind this smart technology?

The secret behind this factor is due to the similar rise of few intellectual technologies that are revolving with the AI for its smart and continual rise. Let’s have a glance at those technologies.

Hot buzzword in the technologies with AI
Reasons for AI continual growth

(I) Revealing of Big Data

The huge amount of data are exhaling from the diversified industries are being showcased, (Data refers to; from the user – by the user and to the user). Certainly, it is impossible to manage the vast amount of data by the humanity. So, it is all possible by the AI to make the statistical guesses based on the enormous data sets, but initially, it has no real understanding about the comprehension of the tasks that they are performing.

As James Kuffner (an American roboticist) states that,

 “Both the human and robots working together with their own strength will become more productive and efficient than either one on its own”.  

Initially, with the human intelligence, it is all possible with the machine intelligence to hold the futuristic world. Definitely, the data in the future will enhance millions and trillions based on the human awareness, during then it is only possible by the Machine Learning Technologies.


(ii) IoT Prefers AI To Take Action

Imagine a system is equipped with the internet facilities that are capable of managing and controlling its own devices with human effortless. Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and the growth of IoT would combine their hands together to produce a massive solution. For instance, an AI system that functions on its own might also require a device to control its system connected via the internet according to the user benefit.

Let’s peep into few existing potential applications of AI technologies from few domains that are revolutionizing every spectrum of our lives.

AI technologies in use today
Footprints of AI in existence today


Apart from the above represented sectors, AI would impact the other domains with rapid advances in our future lives.

Futuristic Sectors With AI Applications
Predicted Domains With AI Applications In Future


How Will AI impact Our Future Lives?

  • Definitely, everything around the world will work autonomously without human effort and we would see an infinite number of AI system and services around us.
  • Experts believe that the introduction of the AI systems in the work culture would provide bulk opportunities.
  • Human employment would reduce and everything would be replaced by the AI systems.


In future, it is tedious to grow the business standards with the growing phenomenon. So KNILA is under the implementation of IoT based products and henceforth extends with the futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

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