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Why Do Industries Stopple With Big Data?

Today, the hot buzzword in every industry is all about Big Data!

Despite being a jargon, many of us do not know what exactly the Big Data means in terms of technology? This article will provide you the most clear explanation about the Big Data that would be helpful for both the technical and non-technical person.

Importance of Big Data
Importance of Big Data in diversified industries


What is Big Data?

Big Data is a term that describes any voluminous amount of data either (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) that has the highest potential to yield from the real and physical world. The term “Big Data” was revolving around the earth for quite previous decades and the people were unaware of them. But recently, the huge amount of data exhaling from the diversified industries or sources showcases their importance by tapping all the dark data that has been considered useless all these decades and the talks emerged “Big Data” with a newer buzzword.

Big Data is one of the driving force behind many famous ongoing waves of digital transaction like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and FinTech

Where did this Big Data come from?
Big Data has been populated by each and every human in the physical world, who generates the amount of data since the dawn of the digital age. From the emerging systems and devices, the internet and technologies, we are capable of capturing the information from the real world and converting them to the digital data.

Any human or the user, who generates the data when they are online conceived to form a “Big Data” and reproduces them through the digital transformation.

For instance;

  1. We carry our smartphones wherever we go communicating with GPS,
  2. We communicate with our friends or the known entities through the social giants,
  3. Instant Messengers, Live Chats, Video and Image Sharing, E-Shopping etc.

In every industry, we leave our footprints in terms of data and those huge data are collected and hosted in useful and handsome cloud services.


How Do Big Data Work?

“PaaS” referred to Platform as a Service, is a platform or an environment that allows the software developers to build the applications and services over the internet. PaaS service is hosted in the cloud, which can be accessible by all the users or the humans via the normal browsers. The industries can rent the server space, software and the processing power from the cloud service providers and build the application through the features offered by the service providers and can opt to pay for only the used features. This model makes the data to discover, transform and accessible to any users. Another benefit that the Big Data can be worked through the cross developers, who can combine together to build the same application from any region via the internet.

PaaS Platform for Big Data
PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Cloud hosting services


Why Every Industry Prefer Big Data?

You must be wondering why many industries are inclined towards adopting the big data – and why there is a sudden hype and huge demand for the Big Data Professionals,

1. High impact projects like Amazon’s user recommendations, social media news feed suggestions are all possible only through Big Data
2. It’s use cases are growing rapidly from the e-commerce to the public sector of the healthcare to agriculture, everything is possible with a single solution.
3. Thousands of job openings for the Big Data skills from 50 to 70 percent salary hike. Through these strategies, it is obviously understood that the IT industries are longing for the Big Data experts to meet the competitive tech-market.
4. Recalculates entire risk portfolios in minutes with smart decisions
5. Detects the fraudulent behavior before an industry gets affected

Emerging Sectors With Big Data
Emerging Domains with Big Data

If an industry adopts with the Big Data analytics, then it is exploding to express itself to the earth. What is Big Data in terms of industry? The term Big data doesn’t revolve around the amount of data an industry has, but the utilization of these data from an industry matters the most.

  • Coarsely, the Big Data is the combination of,
  • Best real-time analytics
  • Gain instant insights in a timely manner
  • Better and smart decision maker
  • Vast amount of data with easy solution provider
  • Better insight analytics

Will any industry ignore these major advantages today in this globally populated sector? Definitely not.



During the first talks about the Big Data, it was terminated as a fad – the latest term in the technology, which would be talked for quite decades and later would be forgotten. When the big things started to happen through the Big Data, the new buzzword was populated and is still the driving force behind the other moving ridges. The amount of data available today is luminous and due to the increase in population, data usages, technologies, and analytics, there is tremendous growth in the machine-generated data. These data are shared when our smart home devices communicate with each other and are adequate to access today – just imagine the growth of Big Data tomorrow!

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