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5 Major Benefits of Migrating to ASP.Net Core MVC

In the current evolved state, there are several technologies being frequently upgraded and, there is a rise of a big query from the developer community is all about, “Should I migrate my technology over the other”?

Where every developer’s heart says with a sounding “YES” but at some corner, the head is forcing to say “It depends”;

Why that oscillation occurs?

While there is a number of reasons to switch over the other, it all boils down together with the application and its version you’ve currently developed!!!

Benefits of ASP.Net Core MVC
What Makes The Developers Migrate To Asp.Net Core MVC?

Today’s post will let you come out of the oscillation for any kind of migrating system and best practices to focus on the betterment of it.


Moreover, this post will update you with some benefits of migrating to the core.

(a) Why should you migrate your application to the “hotness”?
(b) How it provides dividends in the long run?
(c) How upgrading from one technology over another can give you the tremendous gain?


Do the above queries showcase the importance to the developer?

Of course, it could be;

Let’s examine, why developers are upgrading their technologies

Migrating from one technology to another
3 Reasons Developers Love To Migrate


1. Performance

The major benefit is obviously the performance. According to the performance we can provide the ratings for any application. Isn’t?
As the newer technologies and enhancements emerge, the code gets automatically optimized during the compilation, creating popularity among the developers

2. Maintainability

It’s always easier to maintain when there is a lesser code. It may not be always easy for the developers to follow the strategic pattern with few codings.

3. Minimum and Flexible Coding

A code that is well optimized with the minimum lines of coding is proven to be the exotic ones for the developers. Every developer is longing only for the minimum and flexible code acquiring a quality development.


“The above 3 are the major reasons developers are longing to migrate”.


Now, let’s focus on the major benefits of ASP.NET Core MVC, which makes Dot Net Developers migrate?


Asp.Net Core MVC

Asp.Net is a new open-source framework that supports cross-platform development by introducing CLI (Command Line Application) for all platforms that include Windows, Mac, and Linux.
It is the latest framework for building the modern cloud-based applications, IoT apps, and mobile backends.


Benefits of Asp.Net Core MVC

Migrating to latest technology
Major 5 Reasons Migrating To Asp.Net Core MVC

Modular & Open Source Framework

Asp.Net Core is a modular version, that combines the core factors of the Asp.Net MVC and the Asp.Net Web API, whereas runs on both the platform Dot Net Framework and Dot Net Core.
The opt-in-model allows the developers to choose the right libraries that are required for their solution


Cross-Platform Portable

Microsoft has developed the Visual Studio Code I.e; an editor enabling the developers to build an application on any of the platforms. This extends the usability of .Net development beyond the Windows. So, if the developers wish to work on Linux and OSX, then this kind of enhanced version would be quite useful for supporting multi-platforms.


Dependency Injection

This has become a widely-accepted industry practice, where it separates the concerns accordingly, enabling more effective unit testing. Dependency injection is recently integrated into the development framework, which is an add-on to the Asp.Net development. It utilizes its own Microsoft utility library instead of any other third party library like Ninject and AutoFactor.


Supports Cloud Architecture

Asp.Net MVC Core supports Cloud-based applications like Mobile back-end, Internet of Things applications, web applications, etc, which is required for today’s emerging market trends.


Effective Libraries

Asp.Net supports Nugget packages for all logical library. So, instead of loading a whole library, a required portion of the library could be loaded, depending on the project. For instance Microsoft Web.MVC consists of Microsoft Web.MVC.Controls, Microsoft Web.MVC.ExpressionUtil, Microsoft Web.MVC.Internal, etc… With the recent Asp.Net Core MVC, it optimizes the required portion of the library and creates a lightweight application.


With the continual improvement and extended features added to the ASP.NET Core MVC, it always boosts up the talent towards the Dot Net developer.


I hope this article would be useful and effective for the developers, who are trying to migrate.


I conclude by stating developers must migrate to the extended version of any technology in order to gain more technical knowledge.


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