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As the development tactics emerge, the advanced technology impacts the developers to improve technical skills and as well interest in facing the new challenges. The latest tools and libraries are blooming on a daily basis, so it’s very important to keep the website updated with the latest cutting edge technologies to match with the current trend!


This would be more frustrated and challenging tasks for each and every web developers. Since the new opportunities and technologies are emerging day by day, there is a high chance for the complexity. In order to overcome these complexities, our developers face vital challenges for running successful web applications.


Now, let’s focus on the biggest technical challenges developers face in order to develop a successful web application.


Continuous Emerge in HTML 5 & CSS 3


From the foremost decades, HTML and CSS are continuously emerging with the latest upgrades, which is quite user-friendly and helps to access an ever growing platform such as tablets, smartphones, etc. These programming languages are the key and source for the web development. Designers keep upgrading and validate the codings of latest version as a challenge for the business success.


Open source challenge implementing with Jquery


Most popular and extensively used cross-platform JavaScript library, Jquery. It is up to the web developers to choose from the several JavaScript frameworks. Despite being an open source, quicker and concise, developers choose Jquery’s API which works smooth on major web browsers.


Mini-Challenges Faced By Master – Angular Js


Angular JS is one of the open sources that provides the civilized and structured way to build up complete JavaScript applications. Angular JS grows with the “collection of challenges” through Angular JS frameworks. This encourages the developers to find and fix the bugs, performance issues, data binding and overall recovering from bad practices. Angular JS plays the master role in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) that has turned an exotic challenge for the developers.


Value Relies On Demonstration – Bootstrap


Designing plays the vital role in the web development, where designers require the solid foundation with the latest technology like Bootstrap for providing a typical and flexible website. Out of dozens of CSS frameworks, developing responsive websites with the bootstrap is more challenging.


Security & Privacy Challenges Using SQL Server


The current SQL servers are scalable and hybrid database platforms with additional secured features, where these features are not only secured for the database alone but it is easier to manage and maintain the database of mission-critical applications developed by the developers. Building an application with this intelligence SQL Server is advance secured to manage your database analytic that is challenging to develop your back-end.


It is pretty sure that there are lots of challenging tasks for the web developers to encounter. If yes, share your views!!!


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